Über mich

Ich heiße Lorena Melinda und meine große Leidenschaft ist es, den richtigen Moment einzufangen, um Erinnerungen für die Ewigkeit zu schaffen.








Mein Schwerpunkt liegt im Bereich von Porträt-, Hochzeits- und Event-Fotografie. Gerne fotografiere ich auch in anderen Bereichen. Ich freue mich, die Menschen mit meiner Arbeit glücklich zu machen, darum gehe auf die Wünsche von Kunden ein und versuche eine lockere Atmosphäre zu schaffen. Dabei bleibe ich professionell und zielorientiert.


Die Affinität zur Fotografie entdeckte ich während meiner Hochschulzeit in meiner Heimatstadt Brasov (Kronstadt), Rumänien. Als ich nach Deutschland gezogen bin, wurde daraus eine Leidenschaft.


Es war kein einfacher Weg, mich voll und ganz der Fotografie zu widmen, aber ich bin froh, mich dafür entschieden zu haben.


Da ich sehr ehrgeizig bin, wachse ich an meinen Aufgaben, bin immer offen für Neues und habe noch viele Pläne für die Zukunft.


The face my photographic journey -


The story of my photographic journey


I happened to get into wedding photography, only my dear Sasha and Henning believed in me.


The two had searched for a wedding photographer and somehow discovered me. At that time I did not dare, I was just a hobby photographer, but the two saw something in me. They had a picture of a homeless person (who I commanded to take a picture of him, he inspired me a lot).



That's how I came to my first wedding, that's the cool story behind it.


What do you think, what happened after the wedding? I slowly got into the professional photography, because other people have believed in me.


Since then I have Sasha more often in front of my lens and I am very happy that we have remained in touch ❤


The next one who believed in me is my dear Andreea. She believed in me and she pushed me to sign up for a trade. She has seen that I was dissatisfied as an employee, I have trusted her to take this step, and it makes me happy every day.

What you do not know yet is that Andreea did not know me back then, we got to know each other at a birthday party.


At the beginning I did not dare and for a year I did not do anything in the direction of self-employment, but the following year we met again at the same birthday party and she asked me how it works. I told her that I had not made any progress yet and then she did not give up and kept motivating me, thanking her every day for it.


That had been a huge hit for me.


Now we go to the very beginning of my photography. I moved to Germany with my future husband. I did not work at the beginning, it was difficult to speak without the German language and without a work permit. The first 2-3 years my husband supported me ❤


Sure, I got bored in the meantime, I was alone most of the day, I did not have anybody but my husband ... the tears just started ... it was exhausting without friends and family, but after a long time I have found my way and my friends ... but I stay with my story ...

I started taking pictures when I was at Brasov University, secretly taking the camera from my dad and snapping around.


When we were in Hamburg, my husband had a compact camera, and I - to fill in the time - started taking pictures again. It was fun, it distracted me from being sad.


So I took myself as a model and practiced on myself. The results I posted to DeviantART.


Per DeviantART I had my first fan from Hamburg and luckily he could speak English, his name is Michael, I was really happy to meet him.


He offered to be a model, but he was also inexperienced and that's why I was married.


We did several shootings, sometimes I was in front of his camera, that was fun as well.


Michael was the first one who dared to stand in front of my camera.


Why am I telling this story now?


Now the signs are shown to me, the first thing was the book which I highly recommend

"A Mediocre Life" by Kirsten Boie and Jutta Bauer

The book is about a homeless person, do you see the sicsal?


The second sicsal is the picture of me in the subway stadium with the big picture with curvy women. I was always curvy, but I dare to stand in front of the camera, so my journey began in photography ❤



I had never written so much before, not even in Romanian, but I have been very inspired lately and that's how my story came about.


Great that you are still here and keep reading ❤

Write me your opinions, no matter what, I know you've read my story.


      Behind The Scene Bilder


Duch diese behind the scenes Bilder können Sie sich ein eindrück machen um wer ich bin,wie ich bin und was ich mache.


Euere Fotografin,

Lorena Melinda