Himalaya Camp Rasnov - Romania

Himalaya Camp: Training programs held in camps, excursions, team buildings and leave the adventure sports activities with the perfect blend of relaxation. The days end up around a campfire or fireplace in the chalet, mountain songs playing guitar. Great River running through the yard, taking with him all your worries, the forested mountain wall within meters of you, Peak Bucsoiu that you make the distance to the eye, filled the place and kind hosts. To enjoy all this together with family, friends or coworkers, we provide a total of 43 beds in 8 rooms with 2-5 beds, each with its own bathroom. You have access to the kitchen pemanent equipped with all necessary appliances, grill and skewer near the gazebo. In living find everything you need: TV, DVD, computer, wireless internet. Dining can be easily transformed into a conference hall, with audio, microphones and video projector. Attracts the Court you do move to fresh air: a playground for children, horse riding, archery and gun polygon compressed air sports tours-applied, place a vertical panel artificial climbing, flying fox, tennis football, basketball, tennis. However, for you and your passions! Himalaya field Season: all year Duration: 2 days - 1 night Program Difficulty: easy. It targets adults of all ages and sporting abilities do not require any great physical condition. The minimum number of participants is 15 people. Venue: Training Himalayas and nearby shooting range. Supporting materials: compass, maps, first aid materials are provided by the organizers. The activities day 1 Meeting Chalet Himalaya. Accommodation. Organizational activities. Team building. Workshops in shooting activities on Himalayas, mixed teams poor girls Team No. 1 initiation climbing techniques and climbing the artificial panel climbing techniques, Descend, cross flying fox mountain rescue techniques Team # 2 Initiation Shooting Bow shooting semi-professional and professional Shooting paint-ball guns in travel Team # 3 Riding Rotating teams. Initiation in survival techniques, mounting tents, types of fires, improvised shelters. Initiation of first aid techniques. Transport injured. Preparing the campfire. Evening pastime, music, dancing, karaoke, fun day 2 Awakening. Invioararea. Self-defense techniques. Street Fighting Hiking in the Bear Pass-trout-Glade Velicanului. Orientation map, azimuth compass orientation using natural clues. 3 control points. Transport to place of residence. http://cabanahimalaya.ro/ http://www.facebook.com/CabanaHimalayaEcoAlpin